Venezuelans In Peru

Venezuelans fleeing economic hardship head to Peru

Venezuelans In Peru Peru’s open-door policy has made it an attractive destination for Venezuelans fleeing poverty at home. But the arrival of one million migrants has put pressure on the Andean state's limited resources.
Roughly 5,000 Venezuelans enter Peru every day. Shortages of food and medical supplies in Venezuela mean many migrants arrive malnourished and in need of medical care. Director of Peru’s Department of Migration, Roxana del Aguila, acknowledges the strain the arrivals place on the state. “ Of course there is a big impact on society.” So much so that the Peruvian government has stopped automatically issuing PTP work permits to newcomers, leaving them in limbo. Oscar Perez, a migrant himself, runs a charity helping Venezuelans settle in their adoptive home. “What we want is opportunity. Opportunity to demonstrate that we can move forward and we can contribute a great deal.”

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