Living in a Pressure Cooker

Can Iranians continue to live under US sanctions?

Living in a Pressure Cooker As US and Iran tensions escalate following the alleged tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman, the country’s economic meltdown is only set to worsen. Can its pressured population stand further sanctions?
Celebrated by an estimated 300 million people across the world, Nowruz, literally meaning "new day", marks the New Year on the Persian calendar. “Economically people are under so much pressure this year,” says a lady preparing her family’s feast. Where the party used to be an escape from daily restrictions, sanctions meant that there is now hardly any money for a banquet, hardly any time to visit family. "Compared to last year, the situation has worsened", says a young couple. We hear the hopes and fears of Iranians from all walks of life, from the capital to the south, men and women, clergy and unbelievers.

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