Hong Kong: Behind the Frontline

The Hong Kong mothers keeping pro-democracy protesters fed and healthy

Hong Kong: Behind the Frontline As pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong continue and Beijing considers replacing Carrie Lam, this report meets frontline organisers and the army of mothers helping to keep young protesters nourished.
“Hong Kong is treated as an ATM for China”, says protester Isaac, "so the protesters are blocking the roads and airports, to shut down Hong Kong's economy and frighten the Chinese government." It's an unlikely network of Hong Kong mothers who have helped facilitate the blockades, providing the protesters with aid and food coupons. “I don’t have the courage to go to the front line but we believe that this is a thing we all have to participate in”, says Dorothy. Ming, a young protester, believes the stakes are too high for her not to be on the front line; “We’re fighting for the next generation... to save something we’re about to lose, something valuable enough for the people of Hong Kong to die for.”

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