Amazon: Women of the Fight

Meet the indigenous women fighting for the Amazon

Amazon: Women of the Fight Jair Bolsanaro has emboldened farmers and corporations destroying the Brazilian rainforest for profit. Female indigenous leaders are taking the lead in the fight to protect the shrinking Amazon.
Brazil’s indigenous communities have suffered some of the most brutal incursions on their territorial integrity in recent memory as a result of the election of far-right president Jair Bolsanaro. "No one will punish them for this", says activist Marta Rosines at the foot of a deforested river bank. Numerous female indigenous leaders are taking a high-profile stand against the destruction, forming the vanguard of resistance to the erasure of the rights of indigenous people. Activist Sonia Guajajara travels the country speaking out against the President. "We have to react with weapons. And what are those weapons? The sound of our maracas. The strength of our heritage. The power of our ancestors", says Guajajara. "We have been resisting for 519 years. And if needed, we’ll do it much longer than that", says student activist Maura.

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