Life in the Time of Corona

Italy bans internal movement as deaths spike

Life in the Time of Corona This intimate dispatch comes from the heart of Europe's coronavirus spread. Infected and in lockdown, Italy's citizens, business people and doctors, relay their experiences by Skype calls and phone diaries.
Declared Europe's coronavirus epicentre, with iconic cities shut down and thousands of new cases every day, the current health emergency in Italy is completely unprecedented. Patients young and old are dying, with precious time lost after doctors mistook the virus for the flu. With all non-corona related hospital cases sidelined, the Italian population have been forced indoors. A young couple and their child live half an hour from Milan, describing their 23rd day of lockdown. A head surgeon in Milan explains the treatment he is receiving from home, self isolating after contracting the virus from his patients. A 7-year-old does her schoolwork remotely and Skypes her Australian friend, while a pharmaceutical CFO balances her special exemption from the lockdown with caring for her mother. As virologist Roberto Burioni warns of the seriousness of the virus, this insight reveals a country fighting for its life.

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