Heroes in White Masks

Inside a Hospital Fighting Coronavirus

Heroes in White Masks How does a small hospital deal with the coronavirus outbreak? Exhausted medical staff at the Nyon Hospital in Switzerland remain positive despite fighting a pandemic which shows no sign of slowing.
Life at the Nyon Hospital has changed dramatically over the last few months as caregivers risk their own health to tackle the coronavirus. Half of the hospital is now taken up by a hermetically sealed area dedicated solely to caring for those affected by the contagion. ”We don’t have enough ventilators, but we will do our best”, says Doctor Jean-Marc Dehilloite, acknowledging the uncomfortable truth. For Director General Daniel Walch, there are major concerns about caregiver shortages. “How long will we have enough staff to care for the patients?", he wonders. Fifth-year medical students are being drafted in to provide relief to the frontline workers. Walch fears this is not enough, however. “If the curves of the Canton of Vaud are similar to those in Ticino, our hospitals will be overloaded next week.”

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