Lodi: Europe's First Hospital to Face the Pandemic

Lodi: Europe's First Hospital to Face the Pandemic Intimate behind-the-scenes view from Lombardy's Lodi hospital. Today the hospitals medics are almost familiar with the challenges. They were Europe's first responders and learned on the fly.
With Europe in lockdown things at Lodi hospital are slowly returning to normal. Situated in Lombardy, Italy, the site of the first and worst outbreak in Europe. Today the hospital staff are still processing the awful weeks during the peak of the crisis. "We had days and weeks where we couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Will the patient I left yesterday still be here?", says one doctor. Another describes the difficulty of conveying the scale of the crisis at the beginning of the outbreak. "I realised that my wife was looking at me, maybe thinking "He's gone crazy." I always ended my calls saying "Let's talk about it tomorrow", because every day her reality was getting closer to mine, step by step." Mercifully, doctors are now beginning to see a fall in cases, hoping that the worst is over. "I believe that, in a week, a permanent service officer will no longer be needed", says one doctor who still spends nights in the hospital, sleeping on a mat.

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