Behind Enemy Lines

New York City's coronavirus frontline

Behind Enemy Lines With over sixteen-thousand dead, NYC is the epicentre of the US fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Frontline workers are risking their own safety by tackling the virus without sufficient PPE.
During a nationwide crisis, New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a desperate plea; “I am asking healthcare professionals across the country… please come help us”. One of the brave heroes to answer this call was Zach Kannapel, a nurse from Kentucky. Like all frontline workers, he was not prepared for the horrors he was about to face. “This is different because they progress so fast… six patients passed on that one floor I was on today.” The scale of the crisis has exposed how vulnerable the medical institutions in the city are. Refrigerated lorries full of corpses sit idle in the streets, with countless medical professionals among the dead. “Give us what we need to continue to fight this coronavirus", pleads one patient care technician. "If you do not give it to us, more of our co workers will die.”

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