South Africa's Coronavirus Flight

How pilot are distributing food and supplies to South Africa's most in need

South Africa's Coronavirus Flight As 8 million residents sit in lockdown, ripples from the pandemic are hitting South Africa’s supply chain. Helicopter pilots are volunteering to distribute food and supplies to those most in need.
"We are sitting in a very dangerous corner where we have the threat of the pandemic catching up with the secondary knock-on effect of the collapse of the economy", says Felix Gosher, director of operations for Covid Flight. He has diverted his network of pilots from giving underprivileged children their first flight experience, to flying goods to the poorest communities. "Because of lockdown the children are not going to school anymore, so we are giving them their food parcels at home", says one community organiser, who relies on the pilots to deliver food to her rural community. "There is a need for a transport network that is organized and a crew that is available to deliver on time", says Gosher, as millions struggle with no income and limited access to shops.

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