Trapped in Peru: The Danish Rescue

South American coronavirus surge as travellers flee

Trapped in Peru: The Danish Rescue Caught out by the coronavirus on the trip of a lifetime, many travellers found themselves stranded in Peru under a military-enforced lockdown. Watch Denmark's fight to repatriate hundreds of citizens.
Under a state of emergency, Peru's 32 million strong population are being held under strict lockdown. Some travellers are left stranded in the rainforest, others in mountain towns. "It is unsafe. We need to get people home", says Denmark's Citizen Service Director, fearing a climate of retribution against tourists. "At first it was China's fault, but now it's Europe's fault". With a weak health system, the number of coronavirus cases has exploded. For Danish citizens all roads must lead to Lima, where their foreign ministry scrambles to arrange a chartered flight. Stepping foot outside is prohibited, so the travelers are forced to get creative. "We're waiting for an ambulance to pick us up", says one young Dane hoping to skirt the curfew and secure one of the $1,000 tickets home.

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