You've Been Trumped Too

The acclaimed film that the Trump Organization tried to suppress

You've Been Trumped Too Investigative journalist Anthony Baxter travels between the Presidential race and the timeless Scottish countryside to explore the troubling confrontation between a feisty 92-year-old Scottish widow and her family and Donald Trump. “There could not be a more important film than this,” wrote Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian, yet the film was temporarily shut down following legal threats from the Trump Organization. As thousands of journalists hang on every Trump utterance, wondering what he might say next, Baxter explores the consequences of his actions. In Scotland, Baxter discovers that Molly Forbes – now aged 92 – is without a proper working water supply, more than five years after Donald Trump’s workers first cut it off while constructing a luxury golf resort. As Donald Trump crisscrosses America in his campaign for President, Molly struggles to find enough water to wash up, feed her chickens, or even flush the toilet. You’ve Been Trumped Too is a remarkable document of the disconnect between political rhetoric and the lives of ordinary people.

 You've Been Trumped Too
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Reviews and More

★★★★ - The Guardian

There could hardly be a more urgent or relevant film than this.” – Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian

Your Blood will boil!” – TimeOut

It's the film Donald Trump doesn't want you to see” Read Andrew Baxter's OP in – The Guardian HERE

Donald Trump has battled to block my film's release for years. Now he has failed” – Official press release in The Guardian

Documentary that Trump ‘doesn’t want you to see’ to be released worldwide” – The Independent

You’ve Been Trumped Too is an outstanding, brave documentary that stirs your heart and indignation and highlights the contrast between the aggressive side of political business and the quiet simple lives of modest people, inviting us to reflect on whether luxury and power for the elite is worth the discomfort and struggle of the many. My heart is with Molly and her family for all they have struggled. ” – Loud and Clear Reviews

'I felt it was important for the people who were voting to know Molly’s story so they could cast their vote accordingly.' – Interview in The Independent

'As a reporter all you can try and do is get to the truth – The Trump Organisation may not like it. But the truth is the truth.'– Interview in The Daily Mail

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The Producers

Anthony Baxter - Director/Producer/Writer

Anthony Baxter is a fearless former BBC journalist and award-winning director that Stephen Holden of the New York Times describes as “a filmmaker who refused to be brushed off”. His “monumental” (The Guardian) documentary FLINT (2020) is an unsparing examination of one of the worst man-made disasters in American history. Other films include A Dangerous Game (2014), a searing indictment of the profound ecological and social impact of luxury golf resorts around the world. Baxter’s iconic You’ve Been Trumped (2011), in which a small Scottish community battles against the brash New York developer who would later become the American President, has received a dozen international awards.

Making The Film

Director's Statement

I believe the release by Journeyman Pictures of You’ve Been Trumped Too is an important landmark for freedom of speech, independent filmmaking, and, most importantly, the accountability of the rich and powerful. I think most Americans would agree that a person’s wealth should not be allowed to suppress the results of legitimate investigation, especially when he is attempting, through the democratic process, to become the most powerful man in the world. Yet, as revealed in the film, The Trump Organization used police to arrest and harass not only the filmmakers, but also local residents, and their use of legal threats initially made it impossible for Montrose Pictures to distribute You’ve Been Trumped Too. The trials faced by Molly, Michael and Sheila Forbes, as documented in the film, remain a warning to America about what a second Trump Presidency might look like. And their courage and humanity are a symbol of hope for a world looking for something better.

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