Epicenter Nurse Erin

Epicenter Nurse Erin As Covid statistics in the USA soar the information wars are fiercer than ever. During the New York Covid crisis a nurse/reporter stepped into the fray, finding fame and notoriety in the process. Viewed by millions online her video was lauded and condemned with equal intensity.
The coronavirus infowars continue to rage as people seek truth, justice and life-saving solutions. Is fear making free discussion of the issues impossible? The scale and intensity of online discussion Erin Olszewski's video generated is a story in itself. From the “epicenter within the epicenter”, Olszewski made a range of claims. “Everything is kind of awash, there’s no accountability” , she says of Elmhurst, where she alleges that junior unqualified medics were treating Covid patients. “It doesn’t make any sense to me” , she says and she claimed people are dying needlessly. Symptomatic of the global fascination with truth in the covid era, Nurse Erin’s motivations and account is as contentious as ever.

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