The Death of Antonio Sanchez Lomas

Healing from the wounds of Franco’s dictatorship in a quiet Spanish village

The Death of Antonio Sanchez Lomas Like so much of Spain, the small village of Frigiliana is marked by the violence of Franco’s dictatorship, with tragedies, disappearances, and unprocessed pasts reverberating into the present. Decades on, inhabitants continue to mourn their dead. In attempt to heal from past loss, a plan is made to dramatize the violent events of the past – but not everyone wants to open up old wounds.

The Producers

Salvador Gieling - Director

A Dutch filmmaker and cinematographer, Salvador Gieling studied at the St. Luca Art Academy in Brussels. For several years he worked and lived in Brussels and Paris where made several short fiction and documentary films like: Where Crows Weep (2017), Two Birds (2013) Men of The Final Hour (2016,) Avant-Première (2014). In 2019, he made his feature length debut as director and cinematographer with the documentary: The Death of Antonio Sánchez Lomas, which was co-directed with Ramon Gieling. Currently he is shooting his second feature length documentary called La Educación de Luca in Cuba.

Ramon Gieling - Director

Ramon Gieling's career can be seen as versatile, passionate and wayward. His motion pictures, film essays, short films and documentaries are without exception recognizable as his signature. To Gieling it’s not about the logic - his films are not based on rational motives. He tries to grab the elusive and mythical into cinematic interpretations. Gieling's films don’t lead to unambiguous endings. People and events only exist in the eyes and stories of others. Janneke Doolaard produced Ramón’s The Left Winger (2008). In addition to the cinema hits Erbarme Dich – Matthäus Passion Stories (2015) and About Canto (2011), the cooperation between DOXY and director Ramón Gieling resulted in Memories Of A Sad Dawn (2014) and the short music film Great Lengths (2010). Gieling is also known for En Un Momento Dado – Johan Cruijff, Duende and Tramontana.

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