Life and Liberty

Life and Liberty America is at war with itself. From the covid crisis to Black Lives Matter, Trump's re-election is far from certain. This report meets the people who will decide the country's fate in November.
As America prepares to choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the battleground state of Ohio is strongly divided on the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis. Hairdresser Londa Gott is sticking with Trump: 'He’s badass. He speaks the truth, he exposes the corruption that was never known to the public and they’ve got away with it for I don’t know how many decades. When I met him, I whispered in his ear and I said 'Listen, you’re going to fry them right? Hillary?' He says 'Don't you worry…I’ll take care of her'. However, support for Trump is ebbing in some corners. Resident Jennifer Dunaway believes Trump has failed: 'The medical profession is telling us one thing and then we have our political leaders either telling us something else, or scoffing at it. It's really hard to respect what comes out of the White House when it is constantly changing and constantly contradicting itself.' Jamon Jordan, who conducts Black history tours around Democratic Detroit, is unsure of what will come: 'As a historian, and looking at the way history goes, I'm not an optimist about where we're headed right now.'

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