From Russia WIth No Immunity

Surviving Coronavirus with No Immunity

From Russia WIth No Immunity As Covid-19 closes borders, one Australian with MS is trying to get to Russia for a transplant, while another has just had treatment and can't get home. We follow their remarkable journeys.
For those with MS, coronavirus has frustrated attempts to attain stem-cell transplants overseas. 'I understand the frustration of patients not being able to take control of their own destinies,' says Dr Nada Hamad of the difficulty in attaining treatment domestically. Suffering from MS, Nick Dimos had been planning to travel to Moscow for the experimental transplant. But as borders close, Nick's hopes have been dashed. 'I wish ... that we'd flown over to Russia a week or two beforehand. I would happily go through that pain knowing that it's going to stop my MS,' says Dimos. Others have been stranded abroad with compromised immune systems. 'Living in a hotel unprotected for a month in a foreign country is a totally different paradigm,' says Michael Jones, who was stranded as Moscow went into lockdown.

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