Paris: A Tale of Two Cities

Has the coronavirus divided Paris?

Paris: A Tale of Two Cities The coronavirus lockdown has exacerbated social divisions in the French capital, where poor, suburban neighbourhoods have reported 128% more deaths than their affluent, bourgeoisie counterparts..
Kiou Jahanzand, a waiter and activist from Nanterre, a socio-economically diverse suburb, explains the stark contrast between the effects of the pandemic on his poor and wealthy neighbours. His street, full of Parisians who 'carry out essential work, healthcare workers and so on…' is bustling, whereas the wealthy streets are abandoned. Despite directly breaching lockdown rules, Kiou calls upon his yellow vest comrades to protest this injustice. 'Shortage of supplies for hospitals, schools, and other socioeconomic issues have been exposed by this crisis.' Scott Hillier, a middle-class resident of up-market central Paris, disapproves of protesting in the current climate. ‘The economy is shattered, we’re officially in recession…we have to work together to beat this.’

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