Hard Winter

Australians living in the aftermath of the devastating wildfires have many months of clearing up still to do.

Hard Winter 'We've just been existing, the day to day is just so hard.' After the 'black summer' of devastating wildfires, Australians living in the aftermath have many months of clearing up still to do.
Those affected by Australia's wildfires earlier this year are still struggling to recover from the damage inflicted on their homes, and some are still without essentials, like running water or heating. ‘We needed help from whoever we could get help from. We were smashed’, says one local farmer. But the government's response was criticised for being inadequate, and many feel they have been left to fend for themselves. Volunteers have stepped in to help the recovery – ‘Without sounding soppy about it, we want to help people, explains the relief centre co-director. She helps manage the supply of food, water, and clothing to those worst hit, but more hardship lies ahead as summer looms.

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