Could the future of food production lie in upcycling?

Upcycling In a world growing increasingly concerned with wastefulness, does the future of food production lie in 'upcycling' unused byproducts? Meet the entrepreneurs and industry experts who think this is the case.
Upcycling typically brings to mind old furniture or clothes - but some entrepreneurs are now experimenting with giving food products a new lease of life, utilising the byproducts of the food industry which go to waste.'The more we can keep food out of landfills and put it back into feeding people, the more we can address issues like the efficiency of our food system', explains Kaitlin Mogentale, CEO of a sustainable food company. Not only is upcycling good for the environment - it is also good for business. 'Consumers are actually willing to pay more if they know their food is upcycled', notes industry expert Jonathan Deutsch. Upcycling is not limited to start-ups, either. 'Within a few years, you'll see a major cereal box with an upcycle logo', predicts Deutsch.

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