Finland's Climate Warriors

Finland's Climate Warriors Finland is on a carbon-cutting crusade and is refusing to let a pandemic stand in its way. But as its climate warriors attempt to revive nature, can the country get rid of its dependence on peat?
Finland has the world's most ambitious emissions reduction target in the world, promising to go carbon neutral by 2035. Dr Temo Mustonen leads a team of 're-wilders', activists who turn land destroyed by mining to wetlands, capturing carbon in the process. He claims, 'When we are restoring these kinds of sites after a century of damages, when nature comes back, we are also healing our mind… This is the only ultimate hope I see for the planet. This hope could be the new start.' While rewilding is not supported by the government, minister Krista Mikkonen says the government is committed to its emission targets, and cites economic benefits: 'At the moment, the whole world is crying out for a good solution for reduction to emissions. Get rid of the fossil fuels. And if you can have those solutions, that's a huge opportunity for the business.' Despite its lofty goals, Finland still depends on peat for fuel and jobs. Peat producer Heikki Juntonen says: 'At the moment I feel a bit of anxiety and some kind of anger against decision-makers and politics. Clearly this is the work we have the skills to do and what peat entrepreneurs are able to do.'

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