Women's Rights In Poland

Polish women forced to travel abroad for abortions

Women's Rights In Poland In Poland, women are fighting for abortion rights. The country's constitutional court has made it near-impossible for women to have abortions - a move condemned by both the European parliament and human rights groups.
Poland's right-wing Law and Justice party took power as part of a coalition in 2016. Since then, increasingly oppressive laws have been introduced - including a recent abortion ban which will soon come into force. 'I think the ruling ... is a great step towards full realisation of human rights,' says pro-life lawyer Karolina Pawlowska. But in the wake of the new ruling, Poland is seeing demonstrations on a scale unseen since the fall of Communism. 'I'm scared and disgusted with the government,' says one demonstrator. Many Polish women are having to travel in the middle of a pandemic for abortions: 'This is putting us in a position where we have to risk our health, our life', says NataliaBroniarcyzk, who runs a women's helpline. 'Poland is a very bad country to live in for women,' says Broniarcyzk.

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