I Am Not A Hero

Ordinary people's extraordinary fight against Covid-19

I Am Not A Hero On the front-line of the emergency in Belgium’s hospitals, as the numbers of dead rise and Erasmus hospital struggles to cope, this documentary portrays the healthcare workers at the epicentre of the crisis with unprecedented cinematic quality and deep, crafted storytelling. In the midst the crisis, their struggle with the unfolding nightmare is laid bare with outstanding intimacy.
'I do my job, I try to do my job well, but that doesn't make us heroes', explains Meryem, a nurse on the Covid wards of Brussels' Erasmus hospital. Each day is a gruelling fight against a virus that pushes their capacity to the limit. 'The difficulty here is that there are a lot of defeats and failures', laments Professor Taccone - 'I don't understand why people try to downplay an illness that has completely changed the way we live [...] No other illness has done that.' Nevertheless, a persistent sense of camaraderie and duty continue to see the team through, in spite of the emotional toll of their work, and an uncertain future for them and their families.

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