Moderna Times

The story behind the innovative technology that led to a highly effective coronavirus vaccine

Moderna Times The Moderna coronavirus vaccine is beginning its global rollout. From humble beginnings, thanks to its revolutionary research, Moderna is now globally reputed with a value of some 40 billion Euros.
In March 2020, Swiss biotech company Moderna was confident that it could deliver a coronavirus vaccine 'in the next few months'. Now, it is rolling out a vaccine that is 94% effective, developed by utilising revolutionary RNA technology. In 2011, Stéphane Bancel became director of Moderna at a precarious time: ' either the company would go bankrupt, or it would have a lot of products to sell to market.' By 2013, the company has just 20 employees, but its unique, experimental research appealed to investors: 'the company was able to lure people who wanted to be part of this adventure ... a lot of people took huge risks', explains one early investor. Lonza chemical company, a manufacturer, was also swayed by Moderna's pioneering nature, partnering with Moderna to produce the vaccine at astonishing speed. Yet not everyone believed in Moderna - including the Swiss government, which negotiated a vaccine deal later than other nations. Israel, for example, has 'a much larger number of people vaccinated [because] they negotiated better or put more money in earlier', says editor in chief of the Swiss Medical Journal.

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