Poking The Bear

The events leading up to Alexei Navalny's arrest, and the protests that followed

Poking The Bear Alexei Navalny is a key symbol of opposition to Putin in Russia. Having returned to the country following a poisoning that nearly left him dead, Navalny is now on trial. Outside, protesters brave icy conditions and risk arrest for their voices to be heard. In this tale of a hero fighting a tyrant, who will prevail?
Navalny is now at the mercy of Putin, but on arrival in Russia, Navalny and his team released a video accusing the president of corruption. 'We don't want [Putin] to think we fear him, and that I would tell his worst secret whilst abroad,' says Navalny in the pre-recorded video. The video reveals Putin's secret palace, which cost $1.5bn to build. 'This palace has been built for Putin ... by the oligarchs. The place is so expensive it's probably the biggest bribe ever in history,' says Navalny's aide Maria Pevchikh. Since this revelation, and Navalny’s arrest, unprecedented protests have swept the nation, perhaps marking a turning point in the nation's future. 'The majority of people who were pro-Putin, they are [now] against, they’re turning, you can hear the movement,' says one young protestor.

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