Women of the Revolution

Meet the women at the heart of the protests against the authoritarian government in Belarus

Women of the Revolution In Belarus, women of different generations are leading protests against their authoritarian government. But can their peaceful revolution overthrow one man's brutal dictatorship?
74 year old Nina Baginskaya has become an unlikely icon of the Belarussian protest movement against dictator Alexander Lukashenko, facing down police and soldiers on the frontline of the barricades. She has no plans to relent, despite increasing pressure from the government: 'At my age it's ridiculous to be afraid of anything. If you are sane and you realise your life is coming to an end, then you want to use your talents and your courage to resist evil,' she says. Maria Pugachjova is a member of the younger generation, and has been participating in protests from their inception in August. For her, the movement for her freedom has been life changing: 'Covid is not that important for people now, and I understand them. When people ask me what did I do before the 9th August, I don't remember my life before that.'

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