Offshore Debate

The economy in New Bedford is changing as wind turbines take precedence over fisheries

Offshore Debate With new emphasis from the Biden administration on generating renewable energy, the East Coast may become the source of energy to power millions of homes.
For the coastal New Bedford, offshore wind farms are emerging as the next great opportunity for the local economy. For Mayor Jon Mitchell, they are ‘a generational opportunity to attract investment’. With Joe Biden signing an executive order to increase renewable energy production both on public land and offshore waters, now seems the moment to invest in these green energy sources. However, not everyone feels comfortable with these proposals. For fisherman Christopher Brown, commercial windfarm projects present a potential threat to fisheries, and an entire way of life. ‘We’re afraid that it’s going to displace more boats into less ocean’, he explains. Lars Pedersen, CEO of Vineyard Wind, a prominent windfarm venture, sees things differently. ‘Our ultimate goal is to coexist’, he says.

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