Unknown Distance

When does the battle end?

Unknown Distance After five tours and ten years as a Marine Sniper, Sergeant Douglas Brown, alongside director and producer Gordon Clark, takes us on an emotional journey across America, documenting the powerful testimony of returning combat veterans -- all trained with a deadly skill set, now rendered useless. Failing to prevent death, and the act of taking a human life, can shatter a soldier’s religious and spiritual views, resulting in moral injury. How do these soldiers fit back into a society that supported them when they enlisted but became ambivalent when they returned?

Reviews and More

One of the doc's most moving segments showcases Brown's relationship with his Afghan interpreter/spotter Mirwais Zakhilwall, whom he sponsored for citizenship in the U.S. The two men, who remain close friends, share stories of the wartime experiences that cemented their indelible bond. ” – The Hollywood Reporter

Brown’s journey remains compelling and absolutely necessary for the audience to see, as do the stories of his fellow veterans. ” – The Los Angeles Times

The Producers

Gordon Clark - Director / Writer / Photographer / Producer

Based in California between 1981 and 2004, Clark developed his career directing several global-brand commercials and high-profile music videos. In 2004, he returned to his homeland in Africa to pursue a new path with his book, Transitions - Southern Africa. This sent him on a journey, delving into and exploring the many challenges of Africa's evolving social landscape through film and photography.

Clark has undertaken numerous photographic exhibitions, including Who Am I by Gordon Clark and Leon Botha, Groot Geraak (Becoming Big in gangland Cape Town) and The Outcome of Turner Adams. He wrote, directed and produced his first film, A Lucky Man, the dramatized full-length feature film covering the life story of Ernie (Lastig) Solomon, leader of the notorious 28's gang in the South African prison system. Filmed on-site, using actual residents and minimal resources amid the ongoing gang wars, A Lucky Man debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. It garnered a nomination in the top five South African films at the Indian / South African Film Awards.

Clark can go beyond creating a visually arresting film; his unique insight stems from his desire to seek out and understand human behavior in relation to different environments. Clark's latest works include Staying in the Game, a short film written, directed and shot by Clark, highlighting the Cape Flats 28's gang and how they have adopted Nike as their uniform, and the highly acclaimed, Behind Paradise that he also produced, shot and promoted.

No stranger to controversy, his current documentary film, Unknown Distance, takes us on a journey across America with highly decorated Marine Sniper, Sgt. Douglas Brown. After five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Douglas faces an even bigger battle trying to reintegrate into civilian life, with a skill-set for killing that is now rendered useless.

Marleah Stout - Producer

Marleah Stout is an independent producer who has experience in both the festival and broadcast spaces. Stout has also worked her PR flair for over 15 years, tackling communications issues and international brands' opportunities in entertainment, marketing, publishing and retail. She identifies and grows existing and new client relationships as a consultant, spokesperson and fundraiser.

As a consummate storyteller, the film industry was always on the radar for Marleah. A chance meeting with Director Gordon Clark at the Cannes Film Festival would be fortuitous. She worked with him as Associate Producer on the documentary short film, Staying in the Game, winner of the Culture & Diversity Film Festival, Best Director and the Zero Film Festival Grand Jury Prize in both NYC and LA. and most recently as Producer of his current documentary, Unknown Distance.

Making The Film

Gordon Clark, Marleah Stout, and Sergeant Douglas Brown at Laemmle Theatre for Academy Awards submission screening

Filming in Vegas

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