Inside Antifa

The real Antifa: inside the divisive anti-fascist movement

Inside Antifa They are faceless. They are nameless. They are feared and hated. And they make no apologies. Antifa is notorious for their radical and often divisive tactics - but what’s it really like to be a member of this anti-fascist movement? In the weeks surrounding the 2021 Inauguration, a group of Antifa members allowed one filmmaker full and unprecedented access, as they worked to forge the type of society they want to live in.

 Inside Antifa
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Making The Film

Director's Statement

In December of 2020, I encountered a sea of Trump supporters on one side of the street and an army in black block on the other, facing a wall of police and threats of arrest. Antifa, as they are called, struck me as a nameless, faceless group with deep beliefs, committed to acting on them no matter the risks. I convinced a core group to allow me complete access for several weeks—which turned into four months. Inside Antifa is a roller coaster ride in visceral, street level political action told in their own words.

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