Transgender Blur

Social media is an influence over transgender teenagers

Transgender Blur Transgender people are becoming more visible in our society, but some parents are worried whether peer pressure is influencing their child’s desire to transition.
With world-famous celebrities such as Elliot Page transitioning, there is much talk online about being transgender. Leon, a 23-year-old student in Geneva, recently transitioned and takes pictures of himself to share with his Instagram following. ‘Talking about trans people, maybe it’s a trend but trans people are not a fad,’ Leon says. However, some parents are worried about the increase in the number of referrals and transitions. For Raphaël Wahlen, a Pediatrician at Lausanne University Hospital, it is not hard to trust the teens' commitment to their decision. ‘Gender identity is not a choice or a decision, it's the deepest feeling of the person,’ he explains. For Frédéric, the parent of one transitioning teen, he only wishes that he had received ‘more balanced information about the controversies surrounding the process’.

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