When home is nowhere

Neither Anais is an 18-year old, 8-months pregnant woman who has no home. Yurimai is a mother and doctor, who must abandon her vocation to make ends meet. Sandra is yet another woman trying to make a home for herself. They’re all Venezuelan women, forced to immigrate due to the humanitarian crisis in their home country. Their destination is Boa Vista, Brazil, where their welcoming is far from ideal. Set over the backdrop of the rising tension at the border between these two countries, Neither is a tale of uprootedness. Anais, Yurimai and Sandra might have left the hardships of their collapsed homeland behind, but, facing xenophobia, solitude, lack of opportunity, they’re caught in limbo.

The Producers

Joana Moncau - Writer/Director

Joana Moncau is a Brazilian filmmaker and journalist, part of the team of Muzungu Production. She co-directed the feature film “Neither” and the short documentary “Faraway,” both on Venezuelan immigration to Brazil, co-produced by Repórter Brasil and National Geographic Society (2020). She co-directed the short documentaries “While Liberty Does Not Sing” (2015) and “Monoculture of Faith” (2018); this last documentary, about the violence of evangelical groups against guarani-kaiowa shamans, was one of three finalists at the 2018 Dig Awards for short documentaries and was nominated for the 2019 Gabriel García Marquez awards. Lately has also taken part in the production of documentaries for television channels, such as TV RAI, ZDF and 3Sat. In 2013-2014, worked in São Paulo as correspondent for TeleSur channel, Venezuela. Currently she is a grantee of the International Women’s Media Foundation(IWMF)’s Fund for Women Journalists (FWJ).

Mauricio Monteiro Filho - Writer/Director

Mauricio Monteiro Filho is a Brazilian journalist and documentary filmmaker. As a reporter for several Brazilian magazines, especially Rolling Stone, he told human-interest and socio-environmental stories with an investigative approach for more than 15 years. He has been a Fund for Investigative Journalism and a Pulitzer Center grantee, having covered stories ranging from the negative impacts of crops in rural Brazil, farmers militias in the Amazon, the new paramilitaries in Colombia, to name a few.
As a documentary filmmaker, he produced and wrote several films. One of them is "Among Righteous Men," an award-winning documentary about Brazil's first openly gay congressman.

As a director, in 2019, he released "GIG", a medium-length critical essay on platform capitalism and the gig economy.

He also co-directed, with Oscar-winning director Orlando Von Einsiedel, the feature documentary Convergence: Courage in a Crisis, a Netflix original production on the people who took to the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He is also a co-founder of Repórter Brasil, a pioneering organization in the coverage and research on contemporary slave labor and other socio-environmental problems in Brazil, where he develops documentary projects.
Neither is his first feature-length documentary as a director. Due to this project, he became a National Geographic Society Explorer.

Benjamin Mast - Production Director

Benjamin Mast graduated in Philosophy (Universidad Central de Venezuela). He's a producer, director, cinematographer, editor, photographer and designer with more than 15 years of experience in the area of cinema, radio, TV and print media. He has worked with several institutions and companies in Venezuela, Brazil, the United States and Argentina. In the humanitarian action he was communications officer of IOM Brazil in the boa vista office in 2018 until 2019.

He is the founder and director of La Mochila Produções

Adri Duarte - Field Producer

Adri Duarte graduated in Social Communication (Universidad Central de Venezuela). Audiovisual director with experience in production, direction, cinematography, script, camera, photography, coordination of audiovisual equipment, assembly of national consultations, design of communication campaigns, execution of communication diagnoses, human rights, guerrilla communication, facilitator television, digital media, cinema and community projects in different institutions, production companies, cooperatives, television channels and communities.

Caue Angeli - Second Unit Director of Photography

Caue Angeli is a director, director of photography and editor.

Having been born inside a small production company where his father filmed with U-Matics and then Betacams, Angeli learned a lot from his father. He took many courses, and had the opportunity to learn from Waldemar Lima - photographer of God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun, Dib Lutfi, Alziro Barboza, Rodolfo Denevi, and César Charlone, among others.

Angeli studied at International Film and Television School (EICTV) in Cuba and Central Film School in London. He graduated in journalism from Paulista University and worked as director of photography at Rede Globo de Televisão for 10 years. Angeli has also collaborated on Profession Reporter, Jornal Nacional and Globo Repórter; he was also correspondent for Rede Globo in London for two years.

Angeli has been a partner of the production company Onze:Onze Filmes since 2013.

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