The Fight for America's Soul

Americans are turning to religion during the pandemic

The Fight for America's Soul Almost a third of Americans have reported their religious faith growing stronger during the pandemic. From preachers with growing congregations to priests performing exorcisms, the world of spirits and spirituality holds relevance in the modern-day United States.
The uncertainty generated by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has brought many people in America closer to God. Preachers have seen renewed interest in their services. ‘We were getting calls, what we were hearing is that hey, I need this, this community,’ says Alexander, a preacher at the Destiny of Faith Church in Lafayette. Spirituality in America is nothing new; a pre-coronavirus poll showed that 45% of Americans believe in a spirit world of ghosts and demons. From exorcisms to haunted houses, there are many ways of connecting with other worlds. But for Bishop Ryan, a priest with a psychology degree who has been inundated with requests for exorcisms, believing in demons is not incompatible with an understanding of science. To experience demonic possession is ‘just as real and it affects them as much as anything external would,’ he says.

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