Tigray Refugees

Ethiopians are fleeing conflict in the Tigray region

Tigray Refugees Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have fled from conflict in the country's Tigray region. Many have fled to neighbouring Sudan, where displacement camps have been hit by severe weather conditions.
According to some of the Ethiopian refugees who have made it into Sudan, Ethiopian militias had been hunting those trying to flee to safety. ‘It was only last week that young men drowned when they tried to cross in. They were running from the soldiers who were following them to shoot them’, says Dr. Tewodros Tefera, a refugee who made it safely out of Ethiopia. ‘When we were crossing, one of our friends was shot and two others fled back’, says Shiwaye Hemayo, another refugee. Yet for those who have made it to Sudanese camps, conditions are dire, exacerbated by stormy weather. ‘When the wind comes, it’s really strong. We fix [the camp] in the morning, but by night. It is totally collapsed’, says refugee Solomon Gebrehenes.

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