The Battle of Denham Ford

The Battle of Denham Ford Construction on Britain's second high speed railway line, HS2, began last year. HS2 has faced criticism for its impact on environment and wildlife. Activists are doing what they can to stop it.
Denham Country Park is a rare wetlands containing ancient trees. It is on HS2's route. ‘'Currently, they are trying to build a temporary bridge across this ford to make an access road', explains one activist. A young woman scales a tree to stop it from being cut down. 'If I get down, this tree's going to go today, you do realise that?' she says to a police woman negotiating with her. HS2 workers and private security firms clash with activists while police stand by. 'Who do you serve, who do you protect?', the activists chant, angry at the police for not intervening. Tree by tree, the fight against HS2 will go on, as the delayed project continues.

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