Holidays By Jet

Private jets are gaining popularity, with a big environmental cost

Holidays By Jet With the pandemic, leaving home from a private jet has become a reality for a new clientele. They are not millionaires but they travel abroad to Deauville or Saint Tropez, France by jet. Less spectacular prices but also fear of COVID-19 account for this success. However, this comfortable experience for jet passengers has a colossal environmental price.
Companies like Air Mountain, offering small aircraft flights from regional airports, are taking advantage of pandemic-led changes. Co-founder Guy Antoine Regamey says: 'we want the trips to be part of the holiday, it's an adventure within an adventure.' However, these trips have an environmental cost that should not be ignored. Industry expert Matteo Mirolo, says: 'travelling by private jet is the worst thing you can do for the planet'. For some, like Eleonore, who leads a busy lifestyle and works nonstop, this is no deterrent: At the end of the day, we're exhausted. 'If we can save ourselves some energy by taking a trip like this because it's relaxing, I'm the first to sign up'.

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