The Schoolgirls and the Taliban

Taliban assure women’s education can continue, but forbid co-education

 The Schoolgirls and the Taliban The Schoolgirls and the Taliban: When the Taliban were last in power, female education was banned. Now they have taken power once again, they've assured that women will retain the right to an education - but will they honour their promise?
In a school in Afghanistan, the Taliban visit classrooms, assuring that the education of women will be allowed to continue. 'There is a lot of propaganda about us, that we are against education and women. But for the development and progress of your education, we are always ready to help you', says one Talib. Despite such words, some pupils have been staying away. '70 percent of our students are present', says one teacher. 'I love teaching very much. But I don't know about the future, how I can continue teaching', says a female teacher. Like the pupils, she is anxious about the strength of the Taliban's promise.

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