Living in Chaos

Albania close to social collapse

Living in Chaos The black market economy is thriving. With no social order Albania remains close to the cliff edge.
Even the army is in a shambles with officers illegally selling arms to the KLA. General Aqif Cikalleshi tells us “I alerted people to the corruption but was silenced”. It’s a free for all. Everything can be obtained on the black market. All the emergency aid winds up there. People have even been stealing copper from electricity supplies. As a result, televisions are blowing up in people's homes and there are constant power cuts. Driton Toska, a student, tells us “We haven’t had electricity for two weeks”. Like many others, he plans to flee before Albania falls further into chaos and lawlessness. A traffic policeman speaks of a demoralised population: "When everybody breaks the rules, why should I follow them?".

Produced by ORF

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