Women Under the Cosh

Women Under the Cosh While many Afghan women have retreated from employment, waiting to hear about the new Taliban laws, others continue to work. In one maternity hospital near Kabul, female employees are working as normal.
Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, life has changed dramatically for Afghan women. Though the Taliban has not explicitly forbidden women from working, many have pre-emptively ceased to do so, out of fear of repercussions. But the head of one maternity ward remains committed to her job: 'We were afraid they would blow up the hospital, because in the past when the Taliban were fighting the government forces they destroyed government buildings like hospitals. Despite all the threats, we continue to serve our people, our patients, our sisters, and pregnant women.' One midwife is certain the Taliban will eventually forbid women from working: 'A lot of changes will take place for women. They will be asked to stay at home.' Female students, too, are afraid. 'My future, and the future of everyone here, is uncertain. I am very afraid for my future', says one medical student.

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