Faroe Slaughter

Slaughter of 1400 dolphins in Faroe Islands draws condemnation

Faroe Slaughter In the Faroe Islands, a long-standing tradition is causing controversy both within the territory, and around the world. The Islands' dolphin hunt results in the slaughter of thousands of dolphins each year.
This year, around 1,400 dolphins were killed as part of a traditional Faroese hunt in a single day, sparking division within the Faroese population. Politician Sjúrður Skaale is concerned that international outcry will impact the nation's fishing industry: 'we do not live by killing dolphins. We live by selling [fish] to the world'. But for whale-catcher Jens Jakub, the hunt is a part of Faroese identity: 'it has everything to do with community and feeling that you belong somewhere'. Yet, even some in support are conflicted: 'I can well understand that people think it is too much. But I can also see that of course we have to kill them', says Rói Olsen.

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