Last of Us: The Last Fishermen of the Lake

The Last Fishermen of the Lake

Last of Us: The Last Fishermen of the Lake The last fishermen of Lake Maggiore, a photograph of a vanishing world. On Lake Maggiore there are 25 remaining, the last professional fishermen who bring among themselves stories and ancient knowledge, almost forgotten. Last of Us is a slow portrait of a life totally lived on the water of the lake, far from the noises of the modern world which takes over.

LaurelRed Cedar Film Festival - Short Documentary Award
LaurelSunset Film Festival Los Angeles - Audience Choice Award
LaurelVesuvius International Film Festival - Short Documentary Award
LaurelWorld Film Carnival Singapore - Short Documentary Award
LaurelOzark Mountain Web Fest - Short Documentary Award
LaurelMarina del Rey Film Festival - Best Director - Short Documentary
Fishing is no longer what it used to be. Fishing is easier, but truly a reality with an uncertain destiny. In a journey of voices and stories, images of the past and photographs of the present, the last fishermen reveal themselves in their intimate secrets that, in the future, it is not known who will keep them again.

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