Escape from Afghanistan

Did the West do enough to help those at risk out of Afghanistan?

Escape from Afghanistan As the Taliban took over Afghanistan, there was a desperate scramble to evacuate Western citizens and allies. Kabul airport saw scenes of chaos, as thousands of Afghans strove to flee the Taliban.
When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, only a lucky few Afghans escaped. Osman, an Afghan interpreter, was evacuated thanks to a Visa from the Australian government - but it took years for the paperwork to be processed: 'we were telling them the Taliban were coming near the city, that we needed to leave this country as soon as possible but we were not hearing anything back'. Osman's former supervisor was not able to escape - he lives in constant fear of Taliban reprisal. 'The threat of the Taliban is everywhere', he says. Despite assisting the Australian government, he has not heard back about his visa: 'I think I have sent them 32 emails, but no answer from them'.

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