Afghan Refugee Resettlement

The businesses helping Afghan refugees feel at home in California.

Afghan Refugee Resettlement Home to America's largest Afghan population, California's San Francisco Bay is an obvious choice for Afghan refugee resettlement. However, this has been complicated by the area's tight housing market.
Afghan refugees re-settled in San Francisco's Bay area have received a warm welcome from the large pre-existing Afghan community: 'all Afghans, my family and I, we were trying to do everything we could to help', says Bay area resident Lila Mir. 'When it comes to being able to translate or interpret or explain cultural nuances the Afghan American community in the Bay Area would be able to help step up significantly', says councilwoman Aisha Wahab. But a tight housing market means many refugees are in limbo in temporary accommodation: 'Over 6,600 hosts globally have committed to this cause of offering their homes to Afghan newcomers', explains Airbnb's humanitarian grants manager.

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