Clean Mountains

A sherpa family's efforts to clean up Everest

Clean Mountains Mount Everest’s sherpa community have been hit by the lack of tourism due to the pandemic. One family decide to take the opportunity to clear up some of the masses of rubbish left on the mountain by climbers. ‘Sometimes we think the gods are angry because tourists leave so much garbage, that’s why they sent the virus, to punish us’, says Jangmu, a local sherpa. Her brother Mingma was part of the first team to ever climb the K2 mountain in winter, making him famous in Nepal. Now, Jangmu, Mingma and two of their sisters plan to clean masses of rubbish on their way down from Everest with some clients. ‘Keeping the mountains clean brings more prosperity and well-being’, she says.

LaurelCannes Short Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelIndependent Short Awards - Best Film of the Month nominee
LaurelIndieX Film Fest - Best Documentary Short

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