F@ck This Job

The rise and fall of Russia's most rebellious TV channel

F@ck This Job Moscow, 2008. Meet Natasha Sindeeva, 35: a confident woman originally from Michurinsk, the brand-new wife of a successful banker. One day, she decides to launch an independent news TV station. Dressed in a sable fur coat, driving her pink colour Porsche she scours through Moscow, looking for the perfect space for her future television empire. What exactly drives her? Vanity? Money? Fame? There's one thing we know for sure: freedom of speech and human rights activism are not her impetus; these terms aren't even in her lexicon.
Natasha decides to hire young open-minded, untainted reporters without a track record in government-run media. Soon Dozhd's office becomes a magnet for new, unconventional media professionals, many of whom are part of Russia's LGBTQ community. Coincidentally, the Russian Parliament has just passed its "anti-gay" law. The path of a very bumpy road is from the beginning laid out for Dozhd, who quickly becomes the lone island of political and sexual freedom in Putin's Russia. F@ck This Job follows Natasha and Dozhd from its birth to what may, perhaps, be its soon death.

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