GHB and the rise of nightclub spiking

Increasing numbers of young people are being spiked by this date-rape drug

GHB and the rise of nightclub spiking Drink spiking is becoming more and more prevalent in nightclubs; in Switzerland, the date-rape drug GHB is increasingly common, and police are stumped as to how to stop the problem.
Hard to detect and even harder to prevent, the drug is having a devastating impact on young nightclubbers. Many women are reporting having their drinks spiked, leaving them incapacitated and vulnerable to sexual abuse. ‘It’s confusing and humiliating’, says Alice, who was drugged by a man in a nightclub on her birthday last year. It's not just women who are affected by this either: ‘as a man, you don’t expect to experience this kind of thing’, says Thibault, whose drink was spiked while out with friends. To tackle the epidemic, nightclub owner Thierry Wegmüller offers silicone drink covers to guests to try and prevent spiking; ‘in the US, they call it a “cup condom”, because the resemblance is obvious’, he says.

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