The Green Music Movement

The organisation trying to make the music industry more sustainable

The Green Music Movement From gas-guzzling tour buses to concession stands loaded with single-use plastic water bottles, concert tours aren’t easy on the environment. Now, an organisation is working to turn the music industry green.
Reverb, a non-profit organisation founded in 2004, aims to engage musicians and their fans in promoting sustainability, and has famous clients such as Harry Styles, Pink and Billie Elish. ‘There’s an understanding now more than ever, that this is what artists want, this is what fans want, there’s a responsibility here for venues’, says Adam Gardner, founder of Reverb. The organisation helps artists with access to biodiesel for tour buses and recycling at venues. He estimates that since starting, Reverb has eliminated around 180,000 tons of carbon. ‘The music industry has to actually take steps to fix this legacy of giant busses and private planes’, says Mike Luba, a music promoter. ‘A lot of people don’t take it seriously enough’, says Brittany Howard, a Grammy-winning artist.

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