Only I Can Hear

The story of CODA - Children of Deaf Adults

Only I Can Hear In the American Midwest, three hearing teenagers come of age in the vibrant, raucous Deaf community. In search of a home between two disparate worlds, the young women explore their unique identity as CODA — Children of Deaf Adults, as they strive to fit into both the deaf and hearing communities to which they belong.

 Only I Can Hear
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LaurelDoc Edge - Official Selection
LaurelTokyoDocs - Official Selection
LaurelHot Docs - Official Selection
LaurelSeattle Deaf Film Festival- Official Selection
LaurelReel Abilities Film Festival- Official Selection
LaurelHong Kong Deaf Film Festival- Official Selection
Laurel1904 Deaf Film Festival- Official Selection
LaurelTaiwan Disability Film Festival- Official Selection

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The Producers

Itaru Matsui - Director

Itaru Matsui was born in Tokyo in 1984. As a documentary filmmaker, Itaru has made it his mission to bring to our attention the voices that are drowned out by society. He brings them to the surface by immersing himself deeply into their communities.

Heath Cozens - Co-Director

He is a director, cinematographer and editor whose documentaries have explored bilingualism, expat identity, international child custody issues, perceptions of disability, and family bonds.
DOGLEGS, his controversial feature documentary about a disabled Japanese wrestling promotion, premiered at Hot Docs 2015, going on to win Best Director: Documentary at Fantastic Fest 2016. It garnered worldwide media attention and played six months in Tokyo theaters.
Through DOGLEGS, Heath and director Itaru Matsu struck up a friendship and discovered a shared passion for stories that explore unseen worlds.

Making The Film

Director's Statement

My connection with CODAs — Children of Deaf Adults— started when I made a film two years ago about the Tohoku tsunami. Many Deaf people died at that time, because they couldn’t hear the alarms.

I met a Japanese man who lost his Deaf parents, through our film. He told me that he never truly understood them. His story moved me deeply and helped me discover the world of CODAs.

I hope this film will encourage people like him, who are children of Deaf parents, in Japan and rest of the world.

-Itaru Matsui, Director, Only I Can Hear

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