Troubled Ground

The Russian mining group accused of malpractice in Guatemala

Troubled Ground The Compania Guatemalteca de Niquel is a subsidiary of the Russian-Swiss mining group Solway, operating in Guatemala. Now, it's suspected of bribes and brutal practices towards the indigenous Maya Q'Eqchi.
Russian-Swiss company Solway specializes in the extraction of ore in Russia and South America. In Guatemala, Solway's nickel mine threatens the indigenous Maya Q'eqchi - it's only a few kilometres away from their land, Las Nubes. Solway's press office insists it wants to maintain a relationship of 'neighborliness and mutual benefit', but the locals don't agree. 'The mine wants our land, because there is nickel underneath the village', explains Las Nubes resident Abelino. 'Solway divides our community and buys us out', says Maya Q'eqchi councilor Maria Choc. Confidential Solway documents say as much - with plans outlined to bribe local authorities into accepting mine expansion.

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