Wedding in a Warzone

A glimmer of hope in war-torn Kharkiv

Wedding in a Warzone Despite the ceaseless violence in Ukraine, elements of normal life still continue for those civilians who remain in the country. For one Ukrainian couple, this means marrying in a warzone, in the Kharkiv metro.
Ukrainian couple Anastasija and Anton are due to be married. Despite the hail of Russian bombs, they plan to go ahead with the ceremony - in Kharkiv's metro. They both volunteer in an aid centre, delivering food and medicines to those in need. 'From the first day of the war, many people went down in basements and shelters, and they still don't go out. They have become anxious. They need food and medicine', explains Anton. Despite the dangers of remaining in Kharkiv, the couple are determined to remain. 'I can't imagine something that would force us to leave', says Anastasija. At their underground wedding, guests are present - including the Mayor of Kharkiv, who leads the ceremony. 'During such hard times for the country, [getting married] is a decision that's full of dignity and one that proves that Kharkiv is alive and will prevail'.

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