Kyiv's First Line of Defence

Inside a unit of Kyiv's territorial defence force

Kyiv's First Line of Defence Since the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than a hundred thousand volunteers have taken up arms against the aggressor. These civilians are playing an important role in the fight for Ukraine.
In Ukraine, ordinary people are joining territorial defense units, receiving training from veterans. 'Our task is to keep the enemy out of Kyiv', says Volodymr - known as Wowa - a commander of one of Kyiv's volunteer defense squads. Using guerrilla warfare, these units have been taking down tanks and heavy equipment. 'What am I fighting for? My country. My homeland', explains Nikolai, a member of Wowa's unit. In Kyiv, he sees 'frightened eyes. Some girls are very afraid of the explosions. Older people too. Everyone is afraid. I am afraid too'. While younger people volunteer on the front line, even the elderly are doing what they can. In the canteen used by Wowa's unit, an 80 year old volunteers in the kitchen. 'They are young and I am old, I am trying to do something for them', she explains.

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