Ukraine's Foreign Legion: The Fight of a Lifetime

The Europeans travelling to join the fight against Russia in Ukraine

Ukraine's Foreign Legion: The Fight of a Lifetime Ukraine's foreign legion is made up of foreign citizens that are committed to fighting the war against Russia. Whether career soldiers or ordinary citizens, they've dropped everything to fight.
The International Legion of Ukraine is made up of foreigners determined to fight against Russian forces. The Legion's online recruitment videos call out for volunteers from around the world, encouraging fighters to 'join the fight for liberty'. At an International Legion registration centre, a new recruit describes the influx of volunteers. 'There are one or two Swiss. A lot of Swedes, some Norwegians. Americans, Canadians. At the passport control, there were two Australians'. Denis, Damien and Luc are Swiss and French citizens, with no ties to Ukraine. All three have joined the International Legion. 'The goal is not to go shoot the Russians, blowing things up. I'm not Rambo. The goal is to make sure that people's lives are saved', explains Swiss citizen Luc. Volunteer fighters risk their lives on the front line of battle - but it's a risk they are willing to take. 'Of course there is always fear, but that's what's going to keep us alive', explains one Swiss volunteer.

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