The Magistrate vs. The Mob

In Italy's south, prosecutors in the province of Vibo Valentia are taking on the Calabrian mafia.

The Magistrate vs. The Mob For decades, a ruthless mafia group has ruled Calabria through violence and intimidation. Now, Italian prosecutors have launched criminal cases against the family they allege to be the ringleaders.
In Calabria, Southern Italy, the 'Ndrangheta is an infamous mafia group. For decades, they have controlled the area through brutal violence and coercion. Beginning as a small local mafia group, they are now a powerful multi-national criminal organization - and authorities allege that the Mancuso family is at the center of it all. 'There's always tension. There's always fear and you must always be careful', explains Calabria's chief prosecutor. He's been on the 'Ndrangheta's kill list for years. Over 300 members of the group, including associates of the Mancusos, have been arrested - which has emboldened locals to take a stand against the mafia's intimidation tactics. 'The number of people turning on the mafia has increased', says anti-mafia activist Giuseppe Borrello. 'It's new for this region'. But not everyone supports the crackdown, as the 'Ndrangheta have been fighting to discredit the authorities. 'There's vicious mudslinging aimed at the Prosecutor's Office', explains lawyer Giovanna Fronte. 'That's how the 'Ndrangheta operates'.

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